Mafoya is an accomplished sprinter but she is tired of being second-best. She hatches a wicked plan and succeeds in beating Amina in the 100-metre dash. Elated by her victory, Mafoya decides to employ the same trick in the athletics championships but things take an unexpected turn. In the middle of the race, a strange whirlwind sweeps Mafoya away to Musanga kingdom- the land of talking animals and birds. Mafoya face both hostility and friendship as she travels an impossible journey back to the world she knows.

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Mafoya and the Finish Line is a book about journeys, literally and metaphorically. Life – with its series of experiences that take a person from one point to another – is itself a journey. Mafoya and the Finish Line is captivating and the story is bound to remain with its young readers for a long time.”

Kemi Falodun, Wawa Book Review

“Mafoya and the Finish Line is such a beautiful story. I actually had tearful eyes after reading the last chapter. Ayo, thank you for the contribution you are making to literacy in Africa.”

Lisa-Ann Preston, 2016 winner of the Golden Baobab Prize


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