What is the Ouida Book Club?

The Ouida Book Club allows individuals, companies and organisations to pre-purchase books at a discounted rate, with a view to enjoying exclusive offers and benefits and ensuring that books go round.

Over the course of a twelve-month publishing cycle, Ouida Books will publish a minimum of six books. These books will comprise outstanding works of fiction but, every once in a while, we will publish exciting non-fiction, humour, graphic novels etc. Ouida Book Club members will have prior of our titles and publication dates so they will be able to choose their six titles within a publishing cyle.

For an annual subscription of N15,000, members will receive the following benefits:

  • receive our monthly newsletter
  • Order autographed copies of our books
  • receive your copy of our books before everyone else
  • Access to blogs
  • get free invites and notifications of our author events and book events
  • have access to exciting news about the African literary space, interviews and writing tips

You can purchase a subscription for a friend as a gift.

Reading and talking about books is a very effective and stimulating team-building exercise. it is no surprise then that more and more, organisations are setting up company book clubs to introduce recreation into the work life.

Some  members of the Ouida Book Club donate their books to schools or library after reading. This way, books get to travel and bring enjoy to others.

Interested in joining? Great. Then all you need do is fill in the form below.